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Metal Artscape

Creating our aluminum paintings involves an iterative process that requires experience plus intimate knowledge of the technique in general and for each painting in particular. Many paintings start with the artist making markings with the grinder that will only make sense after the paint is added or when the painting is finished. Each painting is created in layers, which means that you might start with grinding, and then you might add some paint using an airbrush in certain parts and then grind some other parts and then add more paint in the same sections or others, and so forth. Most of the paint is applied using an airbrush, and that’s how we get such amazing blends and flow of color. Airbrushing the paint on top of the shiny or grinded aluminum is what gives such a “live” or 3-D feel to each painting; it’s how we make them dance for you. When the painting is finally finished, the artist coats it with a protective layer so it will last and shine for a long time.

Different lighting can change the look of each piece dramatically. If something isn't exactly as you imagined try experimenting with different lighting options, and please reserve all judgment until you've lived with the artwork for a little while. Consult the user guide for lighting tips and tricks. Because each piece is handmade, please understand that your piece may look a little different than the one photographed. This is a good thing! It’s unique. Metal Artscape are confident though, that your piece will be extremely close to the one pictured (and most likely better). Metal Artscape artwork is frameless, and ready to hang right out of the box. The unique, frameless design with hidden brackets makes each piece float off the wall without the use of wires or bulky mountings. Consult your user guide for a pull out hanging template as well as different ideas for hanging your work in almost any setting. Because each piece is handmade Metal Artscape do best to accurately capture the appearance of each piece of artwork. However, colors may vary based on your monitor calibration, how awesome your lighting is, or if you're wearing rose colored glasses. Please keep this in mind when choosing your work.

Every painting is individually made by hand. Our paintings are not made by automated
machines, which means that even if you compare 100 paintings of the same image, you will notice that each one of them is different than the others. As good as our artists are, there is no way they can make two paintings of the same image exactly the same. From several feet away they might look the same, but once you look at the details you’ll notice that there are noticeable differences. 

Empire Art Direct

Empire Art has a long rich history of manufacturing wall art and home furnishings since its inception in 1948. Here we are 67 years later and still creating new visions of alternative wall art, occasional furniture, and accessories, all in unexpected mediums from some of the most innovative artists in the world.

Our mission is to be your source for everything art at affordable price points. No photograph can recreate the brilliance and craftsmanship we vest into every item. We travel the world to constantly expand our exclusive offerings inspired by the hundreds of accomplished artists that make up the Empire Art Direct Cooperative.

We love the constant innovation of being in a fashion business and you will see that commitment in everything we do to consistently reinvent ourselves from show to show. That creative tension to perform day after day is what it is all about for Empire Art Direct.

With our corporate offices in Weston, Florida and distribution facility in Ontario, California you are welcome to share our vision of everything art on this corporate website. Please note that we are strictly a wholesale resource and will gladly refer you to one of our partner retailers in your area anywhere in the world.

IMAX Corporation

All IMAX product lines are hand made. Sizes are approximate. Color variations and imperfections are the characteristics of hand craftsmanship.


We create conversation pieces.
Every piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The shiny golden metallic hues or blended colors of gold, brass and copper with subtle shades of shadow and light only a Master of Arts can imagine and create. Our metal wall art bring life to lonely rooms with reflections of unique shades of shadows bouncing off the walls which can only be captured by a three dimensional Gurtan metal wall sculpture.

Gurtan metal wall sculptures are made of the highest quality standards and materials.
Every angle, shape, color mixtures are original from the twisted artist imagination. An artist brain is a terrible thing to waste. These artists are extremely demanding of themselves and every tiny detail while creating their metal sculptures drives some to near madness! (
Ever met a truly sane artist?) They imagine, draw and color the artwork in their head, sketch it on paper and finally ever so delicately hammer by hand, shape, pull, twist and burnish to perfection.