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Top 6 listed Focal Points

Different Types of Focal Points.

We think it’s important to identify the different types of Focal Point to create afterwards a focal point that allows the rest of the room to shine. Here are the Six top listed Focal Points.


The most common accessory to create an instant focal point. The size and tone of your art are important. Selecting a painting with the appropriate scale for your space, in tones that stand out and draw the eye in but don't clash with the rest of the room. One large, bold piece of art looks fantastic against a neutral wall and furniture. A series of prints can make an impact too, whether they're framed identically or have different mix of frames.


Use your home's architecture to emphasize it and make it as big and grand as possible. An oversize window would instantly makes a forest view the best focal point a room could have. If the forest view is your Focal Point, select simple furniture to complement a dream view like this. The minimalist style is recommended to allow the window to truly shine.


Add texture to create a focal point in a single color scheme, giving your room character and depth. It also possible to add smooth, shiny objects which will give off a nice vibe, while soft, raised textures add more warmth.


A large antique, custom or even brightly colored piece of furniture can make an excellent focal point in a room. Organized, built-in shelving can also serve as a focal point.


Pattern can be a striking focal point. If a room is lacking in architectural features, use a more permanent, patterned finish like tile or stone. The organic, flowing pattern and subtle color of the granite feature wall would instantly give a stunning impact as a focal point. It would be pointless for other decorative elements.


Narrow hallways can feel boring, but painting the doors a bold color and adding texture would create multiple focal points in your hallways. Pay attention to how you can use color on your home's architectural elements to draw the eye to or away from certain parts of your home. Another possibility is one bold item, such as a colorful striped rug, would instantly create a playful mood.

Now that we have a better idea on how to identify the different type of focal point, we will tell you how to create one based on what’s around you. Remember creating a focal point doesn’t have to be expensive. See you soon in our next post “how to create a Focal Point”

Hope you enjoyed this short reading and that it was helpful! Thank you for reading us!

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