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How to Create a Focal Point

How to Create a Focal Point.

Creating a fabulous focal point in a room is a great way to reenergize and enhance a space. Creating a focal point is also a good way to take the focus off of the unattractive features of a room.

A fast way to create a great focal point in a room is to accentuate an existing element within the space.

So to create a focal point, it doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Here are some tips for creating a focal point.

  • Since our eyes are always drawn to natural light and the movement created by landscape, a skyline or other outdoor elements. If you have a decent view or a good source of natural light, this may be your focal point in a space.
  • Look toward your largest wall. Adding a feature wall can be an excellent way to create a focal point in your space..
  • A fireplace makes an excellent focal point, especially since furniture is usually arranged around this element in a room.
  • A large antique or another strong element, custom or even brightly colored piece of furniture can make an excellent focal point in a room.
  • A large piece of art or sculpture or a large mirror will make an excellent focal point in a space. Or even an artistic grouping of smaller art, objects or mirrors on a large wall can make a beautiful focal point.
  • If you choose to make the ceiling the focal point in your space, make sure the lighting can handle the challenge.
    • Also, keep other colors and patterns at a minimum so they won’t compete with the ceiling.
    • You don’t want to walk into your room and feel overwhelmed with color.

In other words, build your room around your focal point to keep your space interesting. Resist the urge to fill every bit of space with stuff. Space between objects is more visually appealing. Consider installing under-counter lighting but beware that when decorating a living room, one of the most common mistakes is to rely on overhead lighting. Here are three tips to help you make a better choice.

  • Lamps are a great way to soften a space. Consider an assortment of lamps at different heights (with an assortment of bulb watts) spread throughout your room.
  • Recessed or track ceiling lighting, under-counter lighting, and art lighting can help highlight specific areas while providing ambient lighting throughout the rest of your space.
  • Flanking a fireplace or feature wall with wall sconces can be a great way to add accent lighting without taking up valuable table or floor space with lamps.

Quick Reminders to create a nice focal point:

  • Which element is the most interesting? Remember that people will generally be attracted to the great outdoors or natural light more than they will anything inside.
  • Where will most of the attention in the room be spent?
  • Where will be the main of activity in a room?
  • When you do decide on your fabulous focal point, don’t forget to dress it
  • A focal point in a room is the highlight of the space.

Hope those few tips helped in your decoration planning! Thank you for reading us!

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